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Fabricating over 4,000,000 pounds and 2,500,000 linear feet of steel annually in our three Florida production locations, our industry experts will work with you to identify the optimal combination of shutter styles and mountings to secure your home or business.


Compact and convenient, aluminum accordion shutters are housed beside the windows or doors when not in use. As their name suggests, they unfold from both sides of the opening to cover and protect during a storm. Manufactured by our expert...

Aluminum Roll-ups

State-of-the-art end retention shutters feature the most compact housing size in the world. Made of a combination of aluminum and marine-grade steel, this shutter system is permanently affixed above an opening. Unlike many other storm solutions, no bottom track is...


Bahamas shutters embody the essence of relaxed island charm. Manufactured for either impact or decorative purposes, these one-piece louvered shutters are top hinged and mounted above the exterior of a window to accentuate the unique architectural elements of your home.


Colonial Shutters provide a stylish louvered aesthetic that attaches to the wall beside each window with a wall hinge. Manufactured for either impact or decorative purposes, these shutters fold together to protect the glass when in the closed position.

Corrugated Panels

Affordable, easily deployable, and durable, corrugated panels are an excellent choice for optimal security. Removable to preserve the beauty of your home, the panels stack neatly together for easy storage. Also, depending on the guidelines on your HOA or local...

Hurricane Screens

Known worldwide for strength and durability, this flexible fabric is impervious to UV rays yet allows light to enter, eliminating long- term “boxed in” effects. Designed with convenience and outdoor living in mind, hurricane screens are available in six standard...

Tax credits are available to homeowners who purchase Energy Star certified products.

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